I have been a visual identity designer for 20 years, a brand strategist for 17 of those, and a UX / UI designer for 5. 

I offer two decades of experience in strategy, brand development, and scalable visual identity, communication and digital design systems. I am a highly experienced complexity-buster and systems thinker who considers the strategic impact and emotive experience of every decision made on content, usability and design.

After working for large global and niche local branding agencies, I founded a small strategy and design studio: ID&B, which I ran from 2005 to 2020. This experience took me beyond design and strategy, equipping me with critical skills in managing distributed creative and technical teams, large scale project management and maintaining strong client relationships while delivering world-class strategic and creative work within timeframes and budgets.

I am experienced in, and comfortable with, startup as well as enterprise-level challenges. I love transforming complex data into an intuitive, human-centred and satisfying experience aligned to user need-states, as well as commercial objectives. 

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