Brand strategy / Design strategy / Brand architecture / Visual identity / Brand communications / UX, UI + design system

A new brand and visual identity design for B2B fintech PaaS company  who also required a UI design system for the platform's digital products and experiences. The system needed to be modular and allow design principles to sync across their entire product portfolio. They also required the system to be branded yet sufficiently generic to allow for B2B partner rebranding without significant redesign. The platform is an omnichannel payment and purchase platform, thus used by B2C end-user and B2B staff, and head office user groups, all of whom we needed to consider in the design phase.

A collaborative, co-creative process with CEO / product owner and technical teams from the outset. We developed the corporate brand strategy and mapped out a brand architecture to manage the relationship between digital products to platform and master brand. The brand architecture provided the foundation for the design system's logic to expand across existing and new digital products, that branched out of a central digital experience.

We drafted the value proposition for the corporate brand and set down the creative criteria. We used this framework to create the new visual identity, and then roll this out to all corporate communications and marketing platforms and trade fair stand design for the launch.

UX and UI design for all digital products across mobile, desktop and touchscreen self-service terminals. We worked collaboratively to ensure the design team understood the technical requirements and functionality across devices, and the impact this has on UX and UI design.

Design system and library of assets was established with protocols for the development team to implement on an ongoing basis, including principles that enable developers to create elements on the go if required. We designed the assets to be adapted for third party and B2B partner rebranding if needed.

The corporate brand speaks to the enterprise environment the company operates within while communicating its distinct brand of intelligence, precision and minimalism. The modular and expandable UI design system enables a friendly, swift, and decisive user-experience that reassures users of the system's stability and security. 

The design process meant that design decisions were under the microscope at all times, allowing for discussion and well-considered rationale for new ideas and bold decisions on creative and usability. An investigative process that lead to the ideal outcome: A design system that grew intuitively out of the corporate brand and worked hard for the platform: the finishing touch of a sophisticated and expertly designed PaaS, a true mark of project success.

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