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Phyto Afriq is a therapeutic product that I developed using medicinal plants indigenous to my homeland, the Cape Floral Region of South Africa, Aloe Ferox, Buchu and Rose Geranium. The formulation is based on an innovative method of using Aloe Ferox, a hardy superplant with potent skin healing properties that grows wild on rugged mountainsides in the region. 

The plant is wild-harvested by the Hessequa, a rural tribespeople who derive their sole income from the sale of these fresh leaves. The tradition of wild-harvesting is handed down from one generation to the next, and the protection of this sustainable revenue stream for the indigenous Hessequa was the core driver behind the development of this product. 

The product was developed as a serum, anti-aging gel and eye gel in one, packaged in a robust and compact 30ml Italian glass bottle with pump that was an ideal travel accessory for the adventurous, nature-loving and luxury travel market. I developed the brand to appeal to these audience segments.

Visual identity
The baseline brand language was one of pharmaceutical minimalism to convey the powerful healing benefits of the wildcrafted botanicals, providing authentic scientific integrity to the positioning. In-depth user profiles were developed, an analysis of their skincare needs and expectations as well as their lifestyle choices. Case study available on request.

Launched at the New York Indie Beauty Expo, the brand was an immediate hit with the discerning New York market and was nominated Best in Show in the serum category. The brand was picked up by a range of high profile PR companies and beauty editors and given valuable publicity in luxury travel, beauty, fashion and lifestyle media.

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