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The Shoprite Group invited me to develop the new brand and product architecture for a new line of cocktails and spirit coolers. Liquorshop, the Shoprite Group retail brand, needed to strengthen their private label brand share throughout South African and export markets. The new brand was to challenge entrenched market leaders across the continent.. 

I partnered with key client decision-makers in gaining insights into the audience segments and regional nuances of export markets and embarked on the strategy development and positioning of the brand to stake out a new and unique sweet spot in a highly competitive retail market. I developed the Huntley Cooper brand strategy to position this newcomer on the 'contemporary / established' ambit. This niche allowed for an innovative design strategy and framework for the creative brand development.
The visual identity was layered: a stable base of classicism and heritage that grounded a celebratory, bright and emotive colour palette and contemporary typographic style. I built and directed a team of specialist designers and illustrators to create visual assets to provide a carefully structured balance of comfort and excitement, emotion and structure, new and known. I commissioned classic illustrator Doug Powell to illustrate the iconic heraldic device which served to anchor the upbeat and bold cosmopolitan brand in authentic quality and tradition, 'remixed'.

A beautiful, engaging brand that hit the ground running, creating a vibrant presence in-store. The packaging was stacked high for dramatic floor, shelf and window displays. Despite having no marketing or promotional campaigns to support its launch, the packaging created such a strong visual impact in-store that it converted consumers of competitor brands while attracting an entirely new set of buyers. The brand was instantly embraced by its market: the connected and style-savvy generation of consumers across Africa's metropolitan centres.

Stick with a bold and exciting vision even when it seems very ambitious and unexpected. Never be afraid of experimentation and building new teams. With carefully balanced collaboration we achieved a truly rewarding end-result, creating new markets and revenue streams for my client.

Heraldic illustration by Doug Powell

Heraldic illustration by Doug Powell

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