Brand strategy / design strategy / brand identity / tagline and messaging / packaging design / visual communications
A new entrant in the zero alcohol beverage space, Breva needed a strong and differentiated brand to position themselves against the highly competitive beverage market in Africa.
The brand was purpose driven and building recognition for this standpoint from the outset was imperative. The brand also needed to establish a high level of credibility to differentiate, while supporting the business owners in their (successful) listing in Africa’s leading supermarket chains.
I worked closely with the business owners on the brand strategy and we arrived at the brand essence of ‘true courage is rewarded’. This guided the trademark iconography, visual identity and brand messaging.
Breva encouraged consumers to ‘rethink malt’ through the bold visual identity and brand messaging. This animated backdrop of richly saturated colour and form was anchored by classic design cues used in the identity and packaging design, which evoke the world of established, classic beverages. This further differentiated the brand as the competitive set were contemporary and minimalist in their overall style.

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