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The global leadership team of Acceleration (A Wunderman Thompson Company) appointed me to develop and direct their new brand. Recently acquired by the WPP Group, their proposition required more clarity to position them amongst their network, and they needed to re-connect their global regions during a time of rapid growth. The scope included redefining their value proposition, defining and positioning their brand, developing the design strategy and creative criteria, and creative direction of launch and rollout. They invited me to develop the ongoing communications strategy thereafter.

An energised, agile and highly collaborative project process involving exhaustive research and in-depth interviews with global stakeholders. We explored, unpacked and defined the tangible and intangible traits that defined the company’s authentic identity.

Our approach was to make relevant and accessible the B2B brand in an IT space preoccupied with big data and algorithm-based models of consumer connectivity. To this end, I developed a methodology that respected the brand as a system of human interactions and experiences, based on four tenets: Ecology, the complex operating environment. Psychology, the behavioural and identity characteristics of the company. Anthropology, the origin, growth, internal and external cultural traits. Sociology, perceptions and relationship dynamics within the industry, and ways in which people share the brand

 We created an integrated and co-creative project process, and sustained stakeholder engagement kept buy-in high throughout. We threw away the handbook, applied unbridled investigative and creative thinking, and ventured into previously unexplored territory. We questioned fact and form, heeding only the business data as revealed by the strategic process.

The result was a clearly defined value proposition. Internally, it enabled every team and branch around the world to understand and connect to the brand. This global culture shift has a direct impact on external stakeholders and customers in the WPP Digital environments and WPP Group. Acceleration’s humanised B2B model has resulted in a brand that connects and is relevant, believable and approachable.

Close collaboration with project leads and ongoing stakeholder engagement from the outset is invaluable in achieving a decisive process and authentic result. 

“Working with Julie was an enjoyable, interesting and collaborative process. Julie’s ability to entrench herself in Acceleration and the space in which we operate was invaluable. This meant that she was able to challenge the thinking and these debates resulted in some extraordinarily insightful strategy. I would work with and recommend her agency ID&B at every turn, they will truly help you to develop a world class leadership brand.” [Global Marketing Director, Acceleration]


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